Best Heat Lamps for Bearded Dragon

How much you’re keen on pets isn’t cats, dogs, or other breeds. I’m talking about something unusual called reptiles or bearded dragons. Sounds quite interesting isn’t folks. Does one want to form your bearded dragon healthy and happy and search for Best heat lamps for a bearded dragon to make their lives better daily?

Guess what? You’ve got stumbled upon the proper post. There are many belongings you can do for these wild creatures, and it’s necessary to supply them with the proper temperature and wattage to offer them a desert-dwelling experience.

If you don’t do this, then your beardy will find yourself getting sick, and this is often the rationale you would like to concentrate on their lives in the first place.

10 Best Heat Lamps For Bearded Dragon

Just like humans can only be healthy and happy in an environment that gives them comfort and provides them everything their health needs, right it’s the case with bearded dragons.

In the wild, these reptiles have all their needs provided naturally from heat, light, food, and fantastic substrate.

If you’re thinking of staying your reptile pet, you must attempt to mimic the natural environment for its new home.

In doing this, there are many belongings you need, and Best heat lamps for bearded dragons are among the essential requirements for a natural reptile habitat.

Bearded dragons are ectothermic and can’t produce heat so that they depend upon heat from the environment to stay warm and keep their internal functions working well.

Want to line up a replacement terrarium for your new and old reptile and angry because your basking bulb doesn’t last quite two weeks? Check out the higher solution below people.

1) EXO TERRA Solar-Glo high-intensity UV heat Mercury Vapor Lamp


This infrared lamp is the right pick for nocturnal viewing because it can emit infrared heat waves and typically works with double the facility of basking blubs.

You will be happy to understand that the warmth lamp features a special built-in reflector that will direct the warmth to any direction where required.

The red glass transmits infrared waves and produces into the special filament of the energy blub. The foremost amazing thing about owning this device is its reddish light, which will not disrupt the traditional activity of the bearded dragons day and night and makes it superb 24/7 heat source.

The heat lamp also features a premium reflector dome, which is straightforward to use and has powder-coated black and silver finish on each side.

Not only does this look splendid, but it protects the luster and lifetime of your precious pets. This infrared lamp can also handle fluorescent, incandescent, and ceramic heat emitters because the socket consumes very low power.

It is all because the casing is plastic and has lesser metals inside it. The warm lamp is additionally easy to clamp with durable spring clips anywhere within the terrarium.

Key features:

Increases overall air temperature within the small or large areas
Emits infrared heating waves
Special built-in reflectors can work quite 12,000 hours.
Provides essential heat for reptile’s digestion and activity
Gives perfect 24 hours radiant heat source
Will not disrupt the traditional active cycle of bearded dragons.
Efficient flat-faced design


  • Strong clip for secure lamp
  • Disburses heat well and efficiently
  • White dome reflects UVB heat
  • Can handle different kinds of bulbs
  • The cord is convenient and long for plugging in
  • Budget-friendly


  • The cord quality is iffy and cracks over time

2) EXO Terra Heat-Glo Infrared 120-Volt Spot Heat Lamp

EXO Terra Heat-Glo Infrared

This infrared lamp is right pick for nocturnal viewing because it can emit infrared heat waves and typically works with double the facility of basking blubs.

You will be happy to understand that the warmth lamp features a special built-in reflector which will direct the warmth to any direction where required.

The red glass transmits infrared waves and produces into the special filament of the energy blub. the foremost amazing thing about owning this device is that it’s reddish light which will not disrupt the traditional activity of the bearded dragons during day and night and makes it superb 24/7 heat source.

The heat lamp also features a premium reflector dome which is straightforward to use and has powder-coated black and silver finish on each side .

Not only does this look splendid but it protects the luster and lifetime of your precious pets. This infrared lamp can also handle fluorescent, incandescent, and ceramic heat emitters because the socket consumes very low power.

This is all because the casing is plastic and has lesser metals inside it. the warmth lamp is additionally easy to clamp with durable spring clips anywhere within the terrarium.

Key features:

  • Increases overall air temperature within the small or large areas
  • Emits infrared heating waves
  • Special built-in reflector can work quite 12,000 hours
  • Provides essential heat for reptile’s digestion and activity
  • Gives perfect 24 hours radiant heat source
  • Will not disrupt the traditional active cycle of bearded dragons
  • Efficient flat-faced design

3) ZOO MED Day/Night Desert Lighting Kit Heat Lamp

ZOO MED Day/Night Desert Lighting Kit

The ZOO MED lighting kit infrared lamp isn’t just any ordinary bulb, but it’s quite that because it offers a ceramic nature emitter to form particular for heating enclosures especially for bearded dragons.

All you would like is to put in on your home backyards terrarium and put the reptile pet there and see how happy they enjoy the warmth like nature is providing.

However, if you already own an infrared lamp and only need a bulb, then this one also comes handy which will radiantly heat in every corner for both summer and winter seasons.

Many bearded dragon owners only prefer employing a ceramic heat because it can dramatically reduce the probabilities of dehydration, burning, and harming the four-legged lizards.

You will be fascinated to ascertain that this infrared lamp doesn’t emit lights, or UV as its sole purpose is to offer ceramic heat for an extended time.

The installing requires only to screw it on the quality basking bulb and confirm the socket is porcelain leading to zero chances of melting.

It accurately provides you warmth without disturbing the sleep cycle of the pets and you are doing not need to worry about the delayed heating because it can give fast stable enclosure with balance.

One of the main benefits you’ll get from purchasing this infrared lamp is that it’s made with an honest ceramic plastic cover, and keep the pet warm for the longest time.

Also, it comes with a thermometer that fairly shows can assist you to regulate the temperature of the bearded dragon’s enclosure for best heating treatment.

Key features:

Polished aluminum done can increase UV light output up to 50%
Dual ceramic sockets offer the warmth lamp to figure in 100 watts
The deep dome extends beyond the face of the lamp to stop the lamp from protruding
Offers double the quantity of UV emitted light
Conventional mercury vapor heating 200 microwatts
Comes with 1 year of warranty


  • Offers safety reset feature to stop overheating
  • Self-ballasted heat lamp
  • Can fit into any typical ceramic socket
  • Can emit UVA rays and heat
  • Makes reptile normal activity more pleasing
  • Excellent light and heat source
  • Can’t use with rheostats or regulators
  • Very hot for non-basking bulbs

4) ZOO MED Desert UVB & Lighting Dual Kit Heat Lamp

ZOO MED Desert UVB & Lighting Dual Kit

When you have your doubts about finding excellent heat lamps for bearded dragons in the marketplace, this tool will probably suffice because it appears simple. However, correctly do its activity for a reptile tank setup.

This warmness lamp is pretty massive in length from 8.five to five.five in width. It has a ceramic socket that could deal with more than 120 watts n be counted how hotter the temperature is.

The lamp itself is easy to apply. The on/off switch makes it easy to discover at night time. The domes on the heat lamp are critical and completed with polished aluminum to improve light’s warmness signatures.

You can area it everywhere you want from a large or medium tank in which wattage is higher without placing the fitness chance of the bearded dragon.

There are some of the advantages you will get once you get hold of this version, as it may provide you with sufficient heat for puppy’s enclosure, and unlike other lamps, its radiation is also outstanding.

You don’t need any special skis to put in it as it can establish with standard heating blubs, and all you need is to screw it from both facets, location it, and allow your reptiles strolling round in the light without making any mess for 24/7.

key functions:

this warmth lamp is an entire lighting fixtures kit for wasteland species
it has a basking spot of seventy-five watts
comes with mini mixture dome lamp fixtures
the compact design offers fluorescent 15 watts power
can radiates warmness perfectly
long-lasting run for extra than 15,000 hours
does no longer emit mild
simple and attractive layout

  • Self regulates and does not output damage the UVC radiation
  • It can provide a proper balance for ultraviolet, infrared and visual light
  • Easy to install the bulb
  • Safety thermal reset control temperature to prevent any burns for excessive heat
  • Superb value for money
  • Lifetime expectancy is up to one year
  • Its 100 watts are not enough to the large terrarium

5) ZOO MED REPTI Basking Spot Lamp 100-Watt Heat Lamp

ZOO MED REPTI Basking Spot Bulb

This model is arguably one among the simplest budgets picks from this list, which will give your bearded dragons an entirely new experience within the small, medium, or large terrarium.

It offers a radiant source of hate, which will provide the reptiles/lizards the warmth during a uniform pattern.

The design of it makes it more efficient, and long-lasting compare to other models because it can build up heat internally and carbonize elements.

You can make great use of this unit in the dark because it emits heat with no problems and can not disrupt the sleep cycle of the reptile.

It also features a radio wave of infrared heat that ensures bearded dragons stay sufficiently warm and also increase ambiance in temperature regardless of that location it’s installed.

The infrared heating plant during this one adequately penetrates the skin and scale of reptile and promotes healthy benefits and the internal healing process also.

Also, this infrared lamp is formed beneficial to use even in humid environments because of its high purity clay material that ensures it stays intact for a while.

Key features:

Offers great UVA output
The reptile basking spot infrared lamp comes with a singular patented double reflector
Spotlight lamp gives focus to define areas
Can work from 12 to fifteen hours during a day
increase ambiance temperature
allows you to watch the pets in the dark
2 bulb value pack
great device for the exciting natural environment
provides natural light wave spectrum
easy to put in
comes with extra cords
affordable price
has the tendency to explode
seems to blow out quickly

6) Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb

The ZOO MED Desert UVB and lighting dual kit infrared lamp offers stunning quality and incredible incentive for your cash.

It accompanies 4 pack halogen and consistent 75 watts to warm any little, medium, or enormous nook.

There is a piece of evidence this warm light is meant to figure with high proficiency and spread with a wide selection. It additionally implies the heat has various methods for originating from infrared levels.

This warm light can function as a lolling bulb radiates heat UVB beams too that are explicitly produce using hairy mythical beasts.

The warmth light is often put legitimately on the lounging spot and works on 95 to 120-degree Fahrenheit sum.

ZOO MED additionally claims to be invigorated, reproducing, and quiet the reptiles inside and out.

It is likewise a reality that it offers a stable grandiose case without the introduction of temperature, bringing about progressively good for these joyful hairy monsters.

With this one introduced, you’ll make reptile to feel reception since it’s extremely popular and needn’t bother with any specific attachment. First, a porcelain attachment or clay attachment would affect its warmth better.

Key features:

Comes with complete lighting kit
Provides common daylight benefits
Optimal levels of UVA, UVB, visual light warmth in one light
Increased UVB infiltration good ways from 18 inches
Can last as long as 18,000 hours
Increase the encompassing air temperature in the terrarium
Made with unadulterated high earthenware dirt to forestall any enemy of break
Comes with 6 months of the guarantee

  • Keep off UV beams
  • Heats well overall
  • Perfect for large vivarium and tank setups
  • Easy to install and utilize
  • Use energy with all the more proficiently
  • Warmth is not that stable
  • No light only heat

7) MY COMFYPETS UVB & UVA 2 In 1 Reptile Heat Lamp


This MY COMFYPETS infrared lamp is ideal pick for nighttime seeing since it can radiate infrared warmth waves and ordinarily works with twofold the intensity of a lounging blubs.

You will be glad to understand that the heat light has uncommon worked in reflector which will guide the heat to any bearing where required.

The red glass transmits infrared waves and produce into the unique fiber of the vitality blub. Also, it can prevent every issue associated with electricity with lowest consumption.

Most stunning thing about claiming this gadget is that it’s light that won’t disturb the standard action of the unshaven mythical serpents during day and night and makes it sublime all day, a day heat source.

The warmth light likewise features a top-notch reflector arches which is anything but difficult to utilize and have powder covered dark and silver completion on the 2 sides.

In addition to the very fact that this looks stunning ensures the shine and lifetime of your valuable pets. the sunshine additionally can affect fluorescent, brilliant, and fired warmth producers since attachment expends extremely low force.

This is all on the grounds that the packaging is plastic and have lesser metals inside it. the heat light is likewise simple to cinch with sturdy spring cuts anyplace within the terrarium.

Key Features:

Increases generally air temperature within the little or huge reptiles
Emits infrared warming waves
Can add 125 watts
Special worked in the reflector can beat 10,000 hours
Provides fundamental warmth for reptile’s processing and movement
Gives flawless 24 hours brilliant warmth source
Will not upset the standard dynamic pattern of hairy mythical beasts
Efficient level confronted structure
Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Strong cut for secure light
  • Disburses heat well and productively
  • White vault reflects UVB and UVA heat
  • Can handle various D3 production
  • The light is adaptable and good for connecting
  • The quality is risky

8) My COMFYPETS UVB Light & UVA 100W Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp

My COMFYPETS UVB Light & UVA 100W Bearded

My COMFYPETS UVB light and UVA 100W bearded dragon infrared lamp isn’t only any conventional bulb; however, it’s entirely that since it offers an inventive nature producer to form specifically for warming nooks particularly for whiskery reptile beast.

All you would like is to introduce yourself on your home terraces terrarium, put the reptile pet there, and see how joyfully they appreciate the heat like nature is giving.

Notwithstanding, you effectively own a warm light and need a bulb. At that time, this one likewise comes helpful, which will brilliantly warm in each corner for both summer and winter seasons.

Many hairy mythical serpent proprietors lean toward utilizing an inventive warmth since it can drastically decrease the chances of parchedness, consuming, and hurting the four-legged reptiles.

You will entrance to ascertain that this warm light doesn’t transmit lights or UVA as its sole reason for existing is to offer earthenware heat for a while.

The introduction requires screwing it on the quality lolling bulb and ensuring the attachment is porcelain bringing about zero odds of dissolving.

It precisely gives you warmth without upsetting the remainder pattern of the pets, and you don’t get to stress over the deferred warming because it can provide a quick, stable confined area with balance.

One of the many advantages you’ll get shopping for this warm light is that it’s made with an honest clay plastic spread and keep the pet warm for the longest time.

Likewise, it accompanies a thermometer that reasonably shows can help you control the temperature of the lizards and bearded dragons walled area for best warming treatment.

Key features:

Polished aluminum done can expand UVC light radiation
Dual clay attachments offer the heat light to figure in 100 watts
Deep vault reaches out past the essence of the sunshine to stay the sunshine from standing out
Offers twofold the measure of UVB produced light
Conventional mercury fume warming 100 microwatts
Lifespan productivity

  • Offers security reset highlight to quit overheating
  • Self-ballasted heat light
  • Can fit into any run of the mill earthenware attachment
  • Can radiate UVA beams and warmth
  • Makes reptile ordinary action all the more satisfying
  • Excellent light and warmth source
  • Very hot for non-luxuriating bulbs
  • Price above average

9) ZOO MED Bearded Dragon Combo Pack Heat Lamp

ZOO MED Bearded Dragon Combo Pack
ZOO MED Bearded Dragon Combo Pack

You’ve got your questions about discovering pleasant warmth lamps for bearded dragons within the market. Perhaps this device will do the venture because it appears straightforward. However, it efficiently carries out its responsibility for a reptile tank arrangement.

This warmth mild could be very sizable in length from naturalistic terrarium hoods width. It has a clay attachment that can cope with in extra of one hundred twenty watts n depend on how greater sweltering the temperature is.

The mild itself is something but tough to make use of. The on/off switch makes it simple to find out around night time.

The arches on warmth light are fundamental and made with cleaned aluminum to improves mild’s warm temperature marks.

You can place it wherever you like from a tremendous or medium tank where wattage is better without placing well being the risk of the unshaven monster.

There are many benefits you may get when you get your hands on this version, as it can give you enough warmth for pet’s fenced-in vicinity. Assorted to extraordinary lighting fixtures, its radiation is stunning too.

You needn’t hassle with any uncommon skis to introduce it because it tends to set up with trendy warming blubs and all you need is to screw it from the two sides, place it, and allow your reptiles going round inside the mild without making any chaos for the day in and day out.

key capabilities: 

  • this warmth light is a completed lighting unit for desolate tract species
  • it has an enjoyable spot of fifty watts
  • comes with little combination vault light installations
  • the minimal shape gives fluorescent energy
  • can transmit warmness impeccably
  • lengthy enduring run for over 20,000 hours
  • does not produce overheat
  • simple and inviting plan
  • Self directs and doesn’t harm the UVC radiation
  • It can give a legitimate parity to bright, infrared and visual light
  • Easy to install the bulb
  • Safety warm reset control temperature to forestall any consumes for unnecessary warmth
  • Superb value for your money
  • insufficient to the enormous terrarium

10) ZOO MED REPTI Basking Spot 150 Watts Heat Lamp

ZOO MED REPTI Basking Spot 150 Watts
ZOO MED REPTI Basking Spot 150 Watts

Its zoomed reptile basking spot warmness lamp model is looking great compared to other choices from this listing that could supply your lizard beasts a totally one of a kind involvement with little, medium, or significant terrarium.

it gives a superb wellspring of loathing that could give the bearded dragons the warmth in

Its shape makes it regularly effective and enduring contrast with extraordinary models on account that it could increase warmth interior and carbonize component.

You can make use of this unit in the evenings as it emanated warmth without any troubles and received upset the relaxation sample of the reptile.

It moreover has a protracted inflow of infrared warm temperature that guarantees hairy winged serpents remains safely warm and increment vibe in room temperature irrespective of that location it brought.

The infrared warming framework properly now enters the skin and length of reptile and advances sound advantages and inward mending techniques additionally.

Likewise, this warm-temperature mild makes use of even in damp situations due to its highly distinctive feature dirt material that guarantees it stays flawless for a long time.

key capabilities:

gives specific patented double reflector to give 35% extra cognizance
the reptile terrarium spot heat light accompanies a unique included twofold reflector
highlight mild offers middle to characterize territories
can also be used for tropical species
growth feeling temperature
allows you to watch the pets round night time
2 % blub

  • a great gadget for natural habitat light experience
  • provides normal light wave range
  • easy to install and use
  • can help to shed the bearded dragon for a long time
  • comes with additional ropes
  • affordable cost
  • has the inclination to detonate
  • lack the heat tape and thermometer


Shopping for manual

how to pick the excellent warmness lamps for the bearded dragon in 2020?

There are many elements you want to recall while selecting a heat lamp for a bearded dragon, due to the fact warmness is something that can assist dragon with maintaining wholesome immune device and digestion.

A scarcity of warmth can result in the reptile getting ill or die, so it’s far essential to pay close interest to the enclosure to have excellent effects.

Having pleasant heat lamps can help the bearded dragon to modify the body temperature and additionally gives them enough room to move slowly, stroll, and plenty greater. let’s check a few matters,

The fashionable rule for bearded warmth lamp

for this, you can see recognition on some matters to adjust the temperature,

  • warm area 95 to one hundred ten-diploma f
  • basking vicinity a hundred and five to 110-degree f
  • calm neighborhood 85 to 95-degree f
  • night time temperature 65-diploma f

Class of heating lamps for bearded dragons

  • incandescent warmness bulb
  • ceramic heat emitters
  • mercury vapor blubs
  • halogen heat bulb


Are bearded dragon heat lamps safe?

We all recognize bearded dragons come from warm deserts, and those pleasant lizards want warmness lamps, which could provide them a natural surrounding similar to a wilderness. Without outright heating set up the tank, it can finally lower their urge for food, immune machine, and lethargy. So, it’s far continually necessary to put in one heat lamp if you need to puppy one.

How many hours bearded dragon needs warmness?

The lighting setup of UVB must paintings for 10 to 12 hours sooner or later and need to turn off in time. When the lighting grew to become off, you can use a ceramic warmth emitter to make sure the temperature inside the tank is solid and lower than 70-diploma f.


these are a few exciting facts approximately the first-rate warmth lamps for a bearded dragon. Now you can effortlessly make your reptile pets feel like home and relaxed using those merchandise cited above that are not only reasonably-priced however also meets your necessities in such a lot of ways.

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