10 Best Headlamps For Trail Running

Are you a trail runner who likes to run under a starry sky? Running on trails late within the night, or early within the morning is a fantastic experience. Running early within the morning when nobody is around you is a quite mesmerizing experience. You are feeling closer to nature and inhale pure oxygen to your lungs. I even have seen people prefer running on an open road under a full-of-the-moon. It is also something trail runners must experience, as running on open roadways is quite a joy.

Trail running within the nights or early within the morning is often energizing.

The nonappearance of lights is a serious matter, and the perception of the trail is manny rime destroy. The hurdle on the terrains are daring to identify correctly, and your eyes would be working harder to read the size of the landscape. At that time, trail runner headlamps come to the play.

In trail running, especially within the night’s way, running headlamps are considered the essential gear to shop for.

These headlamps are having a high level of visibility to the runners on rough terrains within the dark. They also feature a good range of functionality to help you undergo the trail running experience with none big hiccup.

Top 10 Headlamps for Trail Running

So, whether you’re running on the roads, or exploring your favorite trail in the dark, the Headlamp will increase the visibility area, which is vital to see to ascertain.

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1) Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp


  • Lumens 550
  • Weight 14.7 Oz
  • Max Beam 120m
  • Burn Time 150 hour
  • Batteries 4AA batteries
  • If you desire to hit uneven terrain in cold and harsh weather, you would like something sturdy likes Princeton Tec Apex. The Headlamp renders high performance and reliability. The brand knows the high temperature, drains the battery quicker than normal conditions. That’s why they came up with a singular solution to the remote battery pack. The pack allows storing the battery inside in it, bag, or elsewhere where they might not catch numbness.The extreme apex feature integrated helps you hit the terrain in most challenging situations like for alpine climbing, mountaineering, and four-season camping.The Headlamp is weather and water-resistant, you’ll believe it in harsh snow conditions. Even the mud runners like to have the lamp, durable enough to run in every state with none hiccup.The most strong downside of the Headlamp would be its heavyweight. The load is overkill and hulking than most of the products listed on our list. Running with a whopping 9 ounces, alongside an additional pack of batteries is something most of the runners wouldn’t agree.But, the robust design, the high performance makes it one of the foremost viable options. Have an essential headlamp with an additional battery, or not light in the least.
    • Burn time is excellent (70 hours at high power, 150 hours at low power)
    • One central and four side LEDs provide a powerful spotlight
    • Compatible with chargeable batteries
    • Extra packs of batteries make sure you do not run of power
    • Great overall performance
  • The weight is cumbersome

2) SureFireMinimus Variable Output LED Headlamp



  • Lumens headlight 280 lumens
  • Battery burns time 1. 5/50 hr
  • Lumens range 50-99
  • Rechargeable No
  • Battery Lithium-ion CR123


SureFire may be a superstar in Standard bike lights or military lights. It is often the primary time the brand is putting its feet into the trail runner world. The robust design, prolonged lifespan, and durable performance are its hallmark for years. We expect an equivalent level of performance up here also.

You cannot find the merchandise within the local running shop, and their products aren’t available everywhere.

The lights beams are often adjusted from 5 lumens up to 300 lumens as per your need and requirements. The side turning knob would assist you to vary the lumens anywhere from the mentioned count. It’s fantastic to run the lumens by turning the knobs; other top-leading brands have buttons to try to an equivalent.

Though the battery is powerful and renders a tremendous range of power, still a good range of individuals isn’t just proud of it. It’s a non-rechargeable CR123A battery that lasts 1.5 hours on the high, and one can push it up to 75 hours by dimming the sunshine.

It is one of the foremost useful, sturdy, and sturdy headlamps you’ll find helpful while hitting uneven terrains or going for a run early within the morning.

The gear also comes with aerospace aluminum housing; the housing protects your equipment from the damage when the Headlamp is bouncing around in your gear bag. The aluminum housing is some things new and takes the beating within the worst scenario.

  • Light beam adjustment using a knob
  • Aerospace Aluminum housing to protect the gear from external damage
  • Light beam adjustment 5-300 lumens
  • Sturdy and powerful Headlamp
  • Non-rechargeable CR123 battery is something that does not fall right on the criteria

3) Wicked Lights ScanPro iC 3-Color-in-1

Wicked Lights ScanPro


  • Long-range 3-in-1 color
  • 400-yard eye reflection
  • Changing of the LED lights with one Knob
  • Zoom focus on kill technology
  • Intensity controller using a knob
  • Run time 4 hours
  • Two lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Weight 3 pounds

If you’re checking out best night hunting lights, Wicket ScanPro 3-in-One is that the best grab. Wicket designed the Headlight for night hunting and design to scan and locate hogs or predators.

The best feature of the sunshine is its ability and convenience to pick any of the three colors (Green, Red, or White) with only one small Knob and opt-for the LED color.

Wicked took an extended time in designing ScanPro IC 3-in-1 night hunting lamp. Within the previous version of an equivalent light, they were offering 4 LED light designs. Within the night hunting, four colored LED design wasn’t practical, couldn’t see the much of daylight.

Now, with the newest model, they provide a rotational Color LED module with a Fixed LED position detent lock. The lock helps to blind the predator in your surroundings, and you can easily hunt that down.

Another fantastic feature is its intensity control- the intensity controller gives Orion a choice to line the intensity before the sunshine is on. It helps Orion to condition the animal to the sun be starting with a coffee power light and suddenly increasing the brightness of the Headlight. Animals cannot notice the moment increase of the sunshine beams wouldn’t be ready to move, falls prey to the hunt easily.

The night hunting lights offer quite a 400-yard eye reflection. You’ll be ready to notice the subsequent move of the predator by watching the attention reflection.

The Wicked may be a product of the merchandise and offers three years life warranty. If you check any error that occurs to the stock, have a return.

  • Amazing eye reflection range
  • Battery run time is excellent for a predator night headlamp
  • Ability to turn headlamp “ON” any desired intensity level
  • Full intensity control using a knob
  • Instantly change colors using the Headlamp
  • Expensive
  • Cannot withstand environmental conditions

4) Headlamp, Cobiz Brightest High 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight

Cobiz Brightest High 6000 Lumen


  • 8 hours light up
  • Four modes of usage
  • Waterproof
  • 90-degree swivel
  • Leakage resistant, waterproof wiring
  • Luminosity is powerful enough to guide you in the night
  • Batteries 3200mAH 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Battery LED indicators
  • Weight 10 oz.



Are you looking for the best headlamps for night fishing, emergency illuminance, camping, and bike cycling, Cobiz has produced something amazing to illuminate your darky nights. The Headlamp features a fantastic range of features and outshines other products in the race.

You can have the Headlight on and rotate it up to 90 degrees without any hiccup. The headband comes with it fits a variety of heads, shapes, and sizes. Just put the headlamps on your head and tighten the headband.

The headlamps also feature waterproof wires and waterproof switches. So, when you are out for running or hitting trails, sudden showers would not bring any hiccup for you. You can use your Headlight for rainy days and in soggy conditions.

The quality of wired designing and tight binding has helped the product to lower down the insufficient electrical leakage problem. In fact, in headlights, this is the biggest issue, and most of the time shortens the LED light lifespan. The battery life thus can be discussed, it should have enhanced, but the indicator helps you to learn about this is going down in a few minutes. The LED indicator also indicates when it is undercharging, or fully charged.

The LED Headlamp’s battery is rechargeable; do not need to bring spare batteries along. You can recharge the batteries whenever they drain and have full usage of them as per your necessities.

The headlamps are an ideal source of light for backpacking, hiking, caving, camping and night fishing. It is your source of daylight, source of amusement with friends outdoor.


  • Unequaled luminosity
  • LED indicators for batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Fully waterproof
  • Electrical leakage shockproof


  • Battery life is not as good as a marketing

5) Nitecore HC90 900 Lumen CREE XM-L2 T6 LED USB Rechargeable headlamp

Nitecore HC90 900 Lumen


  • Ultralight and compact
  • 60-Degree adjustable illumination angle
  • Available in 6 colors
  • 170-degree swivel angle
  • Built-in 900mAh Lion battery run time is 150 hours
  • Dust and waterproof
  • USB power regulation
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • White and red both light source with three 
  • Dual switch lock
  • brightness level and two special modes

If you’re an evening runner and searching for an ultra-lightweight and compact solution for your needs- Nicole has designed something amazing.

The Headlamp is the feature with the twin light and dual-switch interface, and the Headlamp is capable of giving 160 lumens output with three brightness levels. The one white light level for normal condition and little illuminance, the opposite two red modes for night camping or where you would like severe illuminance in dark surroundings.

The Headlamp is capable of 170-degree illumination and offers a swivel angle around 60-degree.

The white light comes with three built-in modes, high, mid, and ultra-low, with burn hours range around 7-8 hours. They were pressing through the white power buttons cycle through the three ways and dead simple to use.

If the Headlamp is on, and you depress the white button for 3 seconds, the white light turns off. If the Headlamp is off and presses the button for 3 seconds, it flashes on high in strobe mode.

The NU10 includes a micro USB cord for charging. To recharge it, get the tiny piece out and plug it into power that straightforward. The facility indicator under the white light will turn green if the sunshine is fully charged, with charging the indicator remains red.

The headlamp lock is that the must-have feature, and if the lights are turned on automatically without knowing it, it can eat up the whole charging.


  • Dual button power lock are somethings amazing
  • Power indicator helps tons to see the charging status
  • USB cord connection
  • Battery backup is amazing
  • 160 lumens intensity light is enough light to run, camp or fish at the nights


  • Expensive
  • Cannot withstand wear and tear

6) Ledlenser – H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp, Black

Ledlenser H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp


  • Lumens 850
  • Range 300 meters
  • Battery 40 hours runtime
  • Weight 340g
  • Power button the back of the head
  • Battery packs on the back
  • Smart light technology
  • Rapid focus mechanism
  • Five years warranty


If you were trying exceptional cheap headlamps for years, and now are preferred to revel in something top-notch and respectable, it is time to purchase led Lesner product h14.2. The line has something terrific to offer, with the updated and state-of-the-art product, you’ll blow away with the overall performance and sturdiness.

The torch is making it correctly. The torch head is entirely adjustable to up or down for your desired position. With a short flip of the pinnacle, it’ll change beam diameter from a spotlight to a floodlight with a vibrant variety of approximately 100-meter.

The on/off switch is on the top of the torch, no fumbling in the night time.

The battery back is placed at the back of the head. The percent holds four aa batteries, which final for an honest quantity of hours depending on the intensity of utilization and hours.

Some other switch along the battery percent facilitates you boom or decrease the power of beams from ordinary mode to high-intensity mode.

When the batteries are nearly run down, dim- on the other hand, you want something in-depth, the battery p.c. Manages to provide high insensitive light for the quick length while wished. The manipulate regulates the mild and presents you excessive intensive light for the short-duration so that you ought to have a better performance for a few minutes. The intense mild is going for a few minutes earlier than going dim; at that level, the batteries need to be modified.

The lamp head offers one thousand lumens energy with a wide variety of 300 meters. in our utilization and enjoy, and the real array is something around a hundred-120 meter. After 100-meters, you conflict to perceive the individual or factor in advance.

The batteries’ strength is something unprecedented. You may have the juice for around 35 hours with outgoing dim or low.


  • Powerful light
  • Amazing illuminance range and intensity
  • Incredible battery life
  • Innovative control battery feature adds life to the battery when it goes down
  • The torch head is entirely adjustable


  • Expensive
  • The battery packs should not have placed on the back of the head.

7) Coast HL8R Rechargeable Headlamp Review

Coast HL8R Rechargeable


  • brightness 800 lumens
  • the brightness range of 700 feet
  • battery run time 4 hours
  • lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • exchangeable batteries with traditional 4aa
  • the electricity button is position on the facet
  • water/weather resistant
  • weight 12.three oz.
  • elastic bands make from nylon
  • battery % shell

Coast hl8r rechargeable headlamp evaluate:

coast did a first-rate job in designing this gear. It is secure to put on, and switches are smooth to get and easy to control, in attain. The top-notch rechargeable headlamp emphasizes on building high-quality and mind-blowing performance.

The Headlamp is reinforcing with 800 lumens output, detachable battery, and adjustable lens. The lumen’s electricity is enough to liven up any path, to walk or run without any hiccup.

The emblem consists of a chargeable lithium-ion battery percent, which runs at the least four non-stop hours. The batteries can exchange with traditional 4aa batteries. The led Headlamp can provide a high powered mild beam as much as seven-hundred feet for four hours, one hundred eighty ft beam for sixty-two hours, medium putting also protected.

The light output has managed the usage of a twist dial positioned on the aspect of the lamp.

The Headlamp is water and climate-resistant, weighs around 12.3 oz. The weight is cumbersome, and people posted terrible remarks regarding the same.

The bright Headlamp is beneficial for any situation, inclusive of long darkish trails, rescue operations within the night, or working inside the night-time surroundings for an extended quantity of time.

You can flip the bulb down to the bottom performance, while you see the battery is draining. At the bottom settings, the brightness is useable and assists you in doing the chores in the same manner.

The construct exceptional of the Headlamp is what I am deeply impressed. At this charge, the emblem did not reduce the corners.

The bands make from nylon elastic. The cables are thick and well constructed, and the connections are pivotal and lock together to keep away from any electrical breakdown. Even the battery percent is a tough, long-lasting shell with a twist lock to keep out the factors.

Pressing the strength button is a satisfying click on, similarly the turning the Knob to trade the illuminance.



ample amount of mild it produces
robust design with a superb range of superior features
the rugged piece can live on in any condition
equally helpful trekking within the run, rescuing lost hackers, operating across the job website
excessive first-rate, long-lasting batteries

cumbersome tools

8) Fenix HP25R 1000 Lumen USB rechargeable LED Headlamp

Fenix HP25R 1000 Lumen


  • Output 1000 lumens
  • Battery Lithium Li-ion battery 18650
  • Dual CREE LEDs allow spotlighting and floodlighting
  • Intelligent memory unit remembers last preferences for brightness
  • The Headlamp is often tilting up to 60 degrees downwardAluminum body provides optimal cooling
  • Dual switch controls for spotlight and floodlight
  • Soft floodlight beams angle 90 degree
  • Weight: 6.5 oz.

Fenix HP25R 1000 Lumen Headlamp Review:

Fenix isn’t a replacement brand within the world of lights and headlamps. The brand has been doing great during this world. It always looks forward to renovating its products as per the newest trends and necessities.

The latest one, Fenix HP25R, offers something amazing to trail runners who are looking to grab an enormous, bright, and bright light. The unequaled performance of the gear will cause you to fall crazy with this expensive fellow.

In times once you need an excellent big light, little else matters. It doesn’t matter therein situation, whether the Headlamp is bulky or heavy, batteries last or don’t last.

In those situations, you would like something massive, and therefore the Fenix HP25R is for those situations. The USB rechargeable battery produces an immense amount of lights. An overabundance of illuminance outshines others from the roots.

The light is heavy and hulking, weighing around 8.4 ounces, with the high mode of battery life 2.8 hours. Though the battery run time could are enhanced, that’s not that low, watching the high-intensity beam of sunshine ranging 182 meters.

Whether you would like it for backpacking, hiking, camping, or outdoor jobs, having a lightweight of this big becomes imperative. The nights or poorly lights areas halt issues in our performance, and you can’t take a step further without the right headlight.

The turbo beams of the Headlight produce 1000 lumens; the high beams range 350 lumens, with mid beam, 130 lumens, and low beams, 30 lumens.

The floodlight of the Fenix HP25R is phenomenal. With the features integrated, users get the four luminosity.

With this, the high beams range 350 lumens, mid 130, and Low 30 lumens. The amount allows you to save lots of the battery the maximum amount as possible, by switching the specified levels.

The gear fits over the heads of the users with different sizes and shapes. Thie make the users use the hands for doing other important chores on rough terrains or elsewhere.

The Headlamp is rechargeable; with a micro USB cable, you’ll recharge it. In remote locations, once you don’t access the charging, the traditional convertible charging will fill the bill. You’ll put the quality batteries and obtain the work avoided any halt.

Super overabundance bright light
Wide spotlight
Rechargeable using micro USB
Traditional batteries are often use
Water and weather resistant
Bright beam sucks the battery quickly

9) NITECORE HC33 1800 Lumen High-Performance Headlamp

NITECORE HC33 1800 Lumen


L-shaped headlamp
Five brightness levels three special modes
Floodlighting mode produces a 100-degree beam angle
Advance temperature technology
Reverse polarity protection prevents from damages
Powerful enough to supply 1800 lumens beams
Distance up to 204 yards
Battery up to 330 hours runtime
Easily adjustable brightness


NITECORE HC33 1800 Lumen Review:

The Nitecore may be a leading name within the world of headlights. The newest product HC33 may be a big bother of HC30. Both look an equivalent, a minimum of built is analogous and almost look identical. Everything in the newest one is more excellent and seems better than the previous one. You’ll also consider HC30 as an upgraded edition of HC30, which was a quite successful product by the Nitecore.

Nitecore HC33 may be a versatile, high-performance headlamp. The headlamp is legendary thanks to its high lumens power, ranging about 1800 lumens. The lumens output is capable of succeeding in up to 204 yards.

The L-Shaped designed headlamp may be a multipurpose gear and often used as a handheld flashlight when faraway from the scarf. At the same time, the integrated magnetic tail cap or removable clip offers a hands-free mounting, hiking, backpacking options.

The latest model houses one push-button, which offers a quite seamless experience, one-handed control of various luminosity, and three special modes.

To power on the headlamp, press and hold the facility switch. With power on, press an equivalent power switch to cycle through the various brightness levels.

To access a special mode, double tap on the switch with power off. To cycle through the special features continues pressing the switch repeatedly.

The gear features a 1x IMR 18650 batteries, taken as a far better performer than AA batteries and longer runtime it offers, around 330 hours.

The addition of voltage and battery indicator, with polarity protection, has made it a viable option for hiking, biking, and dealing.


  • Exceptional Lumens power 1800 Lumens
  • The headlamp is powerful enough to illuminate up to 204 yards of distance
  • Power on/off with one push button
  • Accessible controls
  • Upgraded powerful Headlamp


  • Heavy
  • Pricy

10) PETZL – ACTIK CORE Headlamp



Beam Power 350 Lumens
Beam distance 90 meters
Burn Time 2hours (high), 160 hours (Low)
Weight 3.2 Oz
Water resistance
Battery rechargeable via USB cable

PETZL – ACTIK CORE Headlamp Review:

If you’re trying to find a comparatively simpler and cheaper headlamp option for backpacking, camping, trail running hiking, PETLZ has something advanced produced for you.

It is a lightweight model that can produce 350 lumens of the sunshine beam to illuminate your surroundings and trails. The beam distance is sort of good if we glance at the worth, enough to supply accurate ground dimensions while running. The planning of the headlamp are some things out of the box; anatomy is great for its size.

The headlamp features two light options, wide beam, and mixed light. The battery’s burn time is sort of good offers two complete hours on high illuminance and 160 hours at low settings. The battery cannot run that extended hours, still, produce good counts of results.

The battery is rechargeable via USB cable, which is compatible with traditional batteries and can carry a pack of AAA batteries if you’re getting to need a headlamp for an extended period of your time.

The model might not be completely waterproof; most of the headlamp wouldn’t. Still, it can resist the splashes of water; don’t expect submersion into a pound of water wouldn’t bring any harm.

In a nutshell, the model is sweet to travel options for casual backers, campers, night runners, and hikers.


  • Pretty lightweight model
  • Adequate power lumens
  • A handy option for trail runners, backpackers and night runners
  • Adequate battery runtime
  • Sturdy model withstands wear and tear
  • Not that lightweight
  • Battery runtime is low than expected.

Buying Guide:

What to seem for when buying a trail running headlamp?

Purchasing a trail runner headlamp isn’t that easy. There are mountains of options with many various brands that have launched different sorts of headlamps featuring coming aged features.

It makes the method a little tricky for novice users to zero during a product.

These are a couple of parameters that should be kept in mind while stepping it to get a running headlamp.


This is often something inevitable, and one must search for a product that matches your head so that it couldn’t change the direction once you trail or run.

Most of the headlamps accompany only one headband. The matter is, with the time, hat headband tends to loosen its grip. So, always search for the choice which comes with two straps. Some headband features a second strap to secure the sunshine at the top.

The illuminance of the lamp:

For trail running, you would like high lumens or brightness headlamp. The overall headlamps feature 20-40 lumens maximum illuminance. For trail running, it’s recommending to possess a headlight featuring a minimum of 120-140 lumens power.

Running at night, or camping in jungles, clear vision is paramount. It adds to your safety, as you’d not be ready to run with clear eyes safely.


For a headlamp, don’t choose a bulky option ever. You’re getting to carry the headlamp along, so don’t select heavier options, cumbersome. And also buy a headlamp which comes with a separate or removable battery pack at the rear. This helps you once you run down the battery; the traditional exchangeable battery would fill the bill.

Adjustable beam:

Always search for an adjustable beam headlamp. The flexible beam option offers you to regulate the beam to broader and diffuse from narrow. The feature works well on the uneven terrain or in varied conditions once your trail. You’ll change the beam consistent with your needs, or the state of the way.

Easy Controls:

Easy controls are essential during a headlamp. Search for the lamps which accompany buttons that will control and access easily when the headlamp if on your head. the straightforward to access buttons will assist you in customizing the beams with gloves wearing on. Like, power on/off button the rear of the headlamp, mode option on the side of the headlamps is straightforward.

Water/weather resistance:

Though, water-resistance or weather resistance isn’t an as important feature. But, in severe weather, this comes handy. Still, if you’re out on the paths, sudden showers can disrupt your entire coaching program. Without a correct water resistance headlamp, you’d not be ready to disembark from the journey.


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